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Polymer Clay Flower Dangle Earrings: Free Tutorial

Flower Dangle Earrings                 © Sherri Kellberg,  Beadazzle 2014

Polymer Clay Tutorial by artist Sherri Kellberg

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 This is a free tutorial for all my blog followers  

Earrings are my favorite piece of jewelry to create! I love color coordinating  them with different outfits. It’s the perfect way to add a splash of color and pizzazz to your style. My Etsy Shop is full of unique Wearable Art jewelry.I hope you enjoy making these earrings, add your own spin on them, try them in sparkly gold or silver! Happy crafting!

STEP ONE:  Condition a segment of Bronze Premo! clay, roll out on the #2 setting of your pasta machine. Cut out 2 circles with a 1″ cutter.

STEP TWO:  Form each circle into a tube bead shape. Roll until smooth.


STEP THREE:  Roll each tube bead over the texture sheet

STEP FOUR:  Use the bead piercing tool to incise lines & dots on bead. Make a hole horizontally through the top part of the bead. Bake clay beads as per package directions.

STEP FIVE: Making the marbled flower bead.  Condition a segment of Bronze and one of Copper. Marble the colors together, roll out on #1. Cut 4 flower shapes (use 2 flowers to make 1 bead), using the Flower cutter tool.

STEP SIX:  Stamp the bead with a small flower stamp. Make a vertical bead hole through the flower bead. Bake as directed on clay package. 


STEP SEVEN: Distress the beads with acrylic paints. Brush on, wipe off excess




STEP EIGHT: Assemble earrings, add copper findings & beads



Mokume Gane My Way

I thought I would try using my own version of the Mokume Gane technique, which consists of 3 basic ingredients, White Fimo, Alcohol inks & silver leaf. I was surprised & pleased with the results. I think it resembles some type of rock formation, or maybe a landscape?

I made the bracelet with thin shavings from my Mokume Gane block. I also added spacer beads made from translucent cane slices, inked to match.

Polymer Clay Raw Canes

Polymer Clay Raw Canes

A collection of some of my raw polymer clay canes. When the mood strikes me I’ll make a bunch of different canes, I usually work on about 3 projects at once. If I get tired of working on one, or can’t come up with any new ideas,  I simply set it aside & go on to something new. I guess that’s why my desk top is always such a jumbled mess! I have so many ideas just bouncing around inside my head, that I started to sketch them in a notebook, now I have an ever-growing number of jewelry designs in front of me, but not enough time to make them all!

Olive & Grape Cane: This was used to make the pendant below

Color Cube Canes: used to make the earrings below

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Polymer Clay Sculptures

On the Bright Side – Polymer Clay Sculptures

Recycled Lightbulbs

By the Sea
A Walk in the Park
Stop & Smell the Flowers

 I love to recycle stuff & then use them
in my latest craft projects.
So, for the past 2 years I’ve been saving
burned out light-bulbs to cover with Polymer Clay.
Any kind of light-bulb will do, tiny night-light bulbs,
ceiling fan bulbs, small round refrigerator bulbs,
or even the candelabra type.
I’m always on the look-out for discarded treasures!
It’s a great way to use up
old polymer clay cane slices & ends.
I also have a large collection of empty perfume bottles,
I haven’t decided what I’m going to make
them into, but they smell good & the shapes
are quite unique!

Don’t forget to Kiss a Frog!

Making the Sculptures:

To prepare the light-bulb before covering it with clay,
I always wipe them down with some
isopropol alcohol on a microfiber cloth.
Then, simply apply your canes, smooth them
as you go with your acrylic rod.  My light-bulb
sculptures have a different look
at every angle.  That is especially
true for “By the Sea”.  One side has a star-fish
clinging to it &
the opposite side has an Octopus!
I love to add extra embellishments too!
like glass beads, wire,
wooden shapes (stars, hearts) etc.

Polymer clay: Millifiore meets Faux Dichroic

Millifiore Meets Faux Dichroic

I’m having a great time this summer working with my own unique flower canes. I love mixing the colors and layering the different types of flowers, for a real 3-D look. After sanding the pendants with 3 progressively higher grits of sandpaper, it’s time for a nice thick coat of resin for a glass-like shine!

My pendants are available in my Beadazzle Me Polymer
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Polymer Clay & Resin Pendants

Polymer Clay & Resin

Some of my latest creations feature a nice thick coat of Enviro-tex resin.  I never liked working with resin, but I decided to give it another try. Finally, getting the hang of it! Seems it takes some fussing with a toothpick to keep it evenly at the edges, or else it doesn’t stay and shrinks back as it cures. It takes some practice, that’s for sure. Being the impatient person that I am, I couldn’t wait 8-10 hours for it to cure either! I popped the pendants in my craft oven at 200 degrees and after about 15 minutes…Wha-La!!

You can find my new pendants in my Etsy Shop

Polymer Clay Kitty Cat Teapot

“How To” Polymer Clay Project:  Using a Recycled Light-bulb

Black & White Kitty-Cat Teapot stands only
 3 1/2″ tall and is sculpted from Fimo polymer clay over a
small appliance light-bulb. I used an assortment of my
handmade black & white canes
to decorate the little fellow. The tiny teapot will actually
hold water & can be used as a vase too!

Polymer Clay takes an Organic path

Earthy Organics Collection

My new Earthy Organics collection was inspired by my love of nature and plants. I experimented with some textural plaid designs in the Organic Orbs. The colors I used are rich earth tones, reminiscent of soft mossy greens, bark browns & turquiose stone. Pardo makes some fabulous colors in their Professional Jewelry Clay line, and best of all it’s easy to condition!  I also added some Faux Obsidian for contrast, and a bit of Faux Sea Sponge to bring in some hi-lights. Blown-Glass hollow beads bring another punch of turquiose. The necklace is constructed with pewter-look findings, which lends a matte/natural appearance to the metal.

Polymer Clay Jewelry: Check out my Slide Show!

Here is a slideshow of my latest Polymer Clay Jewelry creations!

Polymer Clay “Art Immitates Life”

Polymer Clay Faux Geode Bracelet

The Faux Geode bracelet is made with a cane similar to the one I used in the Faux Geode necklace (shown in an earlier post). I used Fimo translucent clay with a tint of Premo purple & violet. The bracelet is strung on purple jewelry wire, I also added charcoal colored glass accent beads. I  enjoy making  these unusual pieces,  I never sell them,  I just keep adding to my collection that I display in my craft studio.