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Polymer Clay Graphics

Polymer Clay Graphics

What’s on my work table this week?  Graphic Black & White canes! 

I’m also working on a new Polymer Clay Tutorial, on how I construct my Millefiori Cuff Bracelets. I hope to have it completed soon:)

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Polymer Clay Canes…Black & White

Polymer Clay Canes

I was in the mood to make some unique Polymer Clay Canes. I wanted something that would resemble a fine-line pen & ink drawing, but would be tiny enough to use on a 8, 10 or 12mm bead. I came up with this flower & vine idea.  The raw cane was approximately 4.5″ in diameter when I finished it. I forgot just how much clay is used in the process! I need to re-stock my White Fimo!

Here is a sampling of some of my new mini canes.



Polymer Clay 4-strand Sterling Silver Chain  Baubles Bracelet. Made with very tiny 5mm-8mm-10mm handmade beads. I discovered that creating a bracelet with these extremely small beads is painstaking work, especially with the arthritis in my hands.

Light as a feather, Bauble Earrings, done in Sterling silver

Polymer clay pendant with Resin coating

Polymer Clay Millifiori Round Beads

Polymer Clay Millifiori Round Beads

I’m back making some of my favorite beads, round “Millefiori” style.
Millefiori is Italian for a”Thousand Flowers.”  Originally, a technique used for making decorative glass works, such as paperweights.  A similar process can be used to make designs in polymer clays, such as Fimo and Fimo Classic.  These materials are perfect for beads, earrings and other jewelry, as well as for adorning pretty much any object that can be put through the oven at 265 degrees.

Using the Millefiori technique, a long tube of polymer clay is created in an intricute flower pattern.  Each slice of this tube is a copy of the original design. My clay of choice for this technique is Fimo Classic, as it is firm and holds it’s shape as the cane is sliced.

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Polymer Clay Raw Canes

Polymer Clay Raw Canes

A collection of some of my raw polymer clay canes. When the mood strikes me I’ll make a bunch of different canes, I usually work on about 3 projects at once. If I get tired of working on one, or can’t come up with any new ideas,  I simply set it aside & go on to something new. I guess that’s why my desk top is always such a jumbled mess! I have so many ideas just bouncing around inside my head, that I started to sketch them in a notebook, now I have an ever-growing number of jewelry designs in front of me, but not enough time to make them all!

Olive & Grape Cane: This was used to make the pendant below

Color Cube Canes: used to make the earrings below

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