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Polymer Clay Millifiori Round Beads

Polymer Clay Millifiori Round Beads

I’m back making some of my favorite beads, round “Millefiori” style.
Millefiori is Italian for a”Thousand Flowers.”  Originally, a technique used for making decorative glass works, such as paperweights.  A similar process can be used to make designs in polymer clays, such as Fimo and Fimo Classic.  These materials are perfect for beads, earrings and other jewelry, as well as for adorning pretty much any object that can be put through the oven at 265 degrees.

Using the Millefiori technique, a long tube of polymer clay is created in an intricute flower pattern.  Each slice of this tube is a copy of the original design. My clay of choice for this technique is Fimo Classic, as it is firm and holds it’s shape as the cane is sliced.

 Handmade polymer beads are available in my