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Polymer Clay Canes…Black & White

Polymer Clay Canes

I was in the mood to make some unique Polymer Clay Canes. I wanted something that would resemble a fine-line pen & ink drawing, but would be tiny enough to use on a 8, 10 or 12mm bead. I came up with this flower & vine idea.  The raw cane was approximately 4.5″ in diameter when I finished it. I forgot just how much clay is used in the process! I need to re-stock my White Fimo!

Here is a sampling of some of my new mini canes.



Polymer Clay 4-strand Sterling Silver Chain  Baubles Bracelet. Made with very tiny 5mm-8mm-10mm handmade beads. I discovered that creating a bracelet with these extremely small beads is painstaking work, especially with the arthritis in my hands.

Light as a feather, Bauble Earrings, done in Sterling silver

Polymer clay pendant with Resin coating


Polymer Clay Raw Canes

Polymer Clay Raw Canes

A collection of some of my raw polymer clay canes. When the mood strikes me I’ll make a bunch of different canes, I usually work on about 3 projects at once. If I get tired of working on one, or can’t come up with any new ideas,  I simply set it aside & go on to something new. I guess that’s why my desk top is always such a jumbled mess! I have so many ideas just bouncing around inside my head, that I started to sketch them in a notebook, now I have an ever-growing number of jewelry designs in front of me, but not enough time to make them all!

Olive & Grape Cane: This was used to make the pendant below

Color Cube Canes: used to make the earrings below

Available in my Etsy Shop : Beadazzleme.etsy.com